A jolly wizard greets you!
This website is vastly superior if you have your volume cranked up!
This website is vastly superior if you have your audio cranked up!

Listen up, I am here to showcase my personal website; my journeys throughout this sacred earth. It may contain some foundational imperfections, owing to the fact Claire without an 'I' wanted this out for Friday (the 10th of November... 2017). But have no fear, for it has since been updated to use the latest web browsing technologies! Anyway, enough rambles, click there to enter.

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Website Introduction

To make our website more friendly to visually-impaired users, we now have our website introduction as an audio file.

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Want to see some wizards, do you? Our gallery is right here.

The wizard has unexpectedly replaced Trailborn in the Wizards' Tower but has adopted Trailborn's obsession with thingummywuts.


What's this wizard's name?

Doesn't have one.

Is this wizard real?


Can I get the creator of this website locked up in the loony bin?

No. I use WhoisGuard for exactly this reason. You'll never find me! Hahahahaha!

Footer's coming up.